Nic has been performing in his home town of Toquerville, Utah, since he was just three years old. An eager musical student, his dad introduced him to Jimi Hendrix and Cream, his mom to Beethoven and the Beach Boys and his grandparents to Count Basie and Marty Robbins. He picked up the drums when he was eight years old and immediately fell in love. As Nic grew, he learned enough guitar to accompany himself.  Before leaving home, he sang harmonies in a barbershop quartet, thoroughly impressing the members of his grandmother’s book club with swooning ballads.  

After serving as a missionary for his church, Nic spent his 20s pursuing a legal education and starting a family. His work as a free-lance drummer helped put food on a table filled by his wife and five children. After starting a law practice in his home town, Nic did his best at a time when the nation was experiencing The Great Recession. However, an artist can only take so much litigation.  When he hit his seventh year of practice, music's call became irrepressible. 

Encouraged by his wife, he began recording an album in the basement of their home. Taking daily drives to nearby abandoned freeway ranch exits, he wrote songs and practiced guitar on his lunch breaks.  Each night after the kids went to bed, he and his wife would record the album, he playing and singing the tracks, she engineering on the laptop. 

They released his first album, Watch for the Wolves, in 2016. It was a therapeutic album with themes of freedom and escape from mediocrity. That same year, Nic was invited by his long-time musician friend, Ben Hale, to play various parts in several tribute bands he had put together. Nic was able to woodshed his performing skills and stage presence for sold-out theaters in Canada and the mid-Western United States.  

While keeping Nic's law practice going in Southern Utah, the Chamberlain family relocated to Los Angeles in 2018 to further establish a music career. Nic found a home at the Gardenia, a cabaret club in West Hollywood where the open mic regulars encouraged his song writing and he challenged himself to write a new song for the friendly audience each week. He continues to release singles, utilizing studios in LA and St. George to do tech, but continuing to play all the instruments and sing.

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